Hotel-Motel Excise Taxes

All hotels/motels operating in the City of Calhoun are required to obtain and maintain a current Occupational Tax Certificate from the City of Calhoun.  Additionally, the establishments are required to assess an 8% excise tax on behalf of the City.  The excise taxes collected are to be remitted and reported on a monthly basis utilizing the online reporting and payment system hosted by The Resource Professionals Group (TRPG).  The tax is due by the 20th day of the subsequent month, i.e. taxes collected during October are due by November 20th.  Instructions for registering, reporting and paying the taxes can be obtained by clicking hereThe website for TRPG is

Information for contacting TRPG and registration is included in the information accessible via the link above. Each lodging establishment is responsible for contacting TRPG directly to obtain access to the online reporting and payment system.  Failure to register with TRPG will not alleviate the penalties associated with late filings and/or payments. Please note that the taxes can no longer be mailed directly to the City of Calhoun – the taxes must be reported and paid via the online system referenced above.

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