Calhoun Recycling Center

  • Rules for recycling paper at CRC

    We are now using Gaylord boxes for collecting mixed paper which makes it easier for our customers.
    Mixed paper is magazines, newspaper, file folders, copy paper, manuals, mail, catalogs, books, envelopes (even windowed) shredded paper computer printouts.
    No plastic, tape, paper towels, tissue, waxed cardboard, laminated paper, spiral notebooks.

  • Glass Recycling Made EASY


    • Soda Bottles
    • Beer Bottles
    • Juice Containers
    • Ketchup Bottles
    • Wine and Liquor Bottles
    • Food Containers

    Not Acceptable

    • Mirrors
    • Ceramic Cups and Plates
    • Clay Pots
    • Crystal
    • Light Bulbs
    • Window Glass
    • Heat Resistant Ovenware
    • Drinking Glasses
  • Mixed Paper Only Program

    What Can and Cannot be recycled
    in the Mixed Paper Only Program?

  • WHY Recycle?
      · Manufacturing products from recycled paper reduces water pollution by 35% and air pollutants by 73%.
      · Using recycled steel in manufacturing cuts down on 76% of the water pollutants, 86% of the air pollutants, and 97% of the mining wastes.
      · In the US, landfills include more than 80% of all solid waste.
      · Recycling helps to reduce landfill space and disposal costs.
      · Litter is a costly as well as unsightly problem US-tax payers are charged with.
      · $500 million every year goes to pick up litter by crews along state highways.