Community Development

The Community Development Department functions to insure the safety and health of the public. This department performs reviews of blueprints and inspections of new structures to be built and occupied by citizens. It works to insure maintenance of guidance for citizens relating to zoning issues. It provides code enforcements/nuisance services to the citizens as needed.
The overall goal of Community Development is to provide the City with a quality plan and administrative code that enhances and protects the economic, environmental, historical and cultural resources of the City of Calhoun.

Zoning Advisory Board

George Govignon- Presiding Officer
Al Edwards
Stacey Abernathy
Monica Pierson
Lucia Eastham
Gary Erwin

The Zoning Advisory Board consists of five voting members appointed by the City Council.  This is a voluntary Board who review annexation requests, rezoning requests, variance requests, and other zoning items in the context of the City’s long range growth plans.  The Board will then make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council.  If you are interested in serving on this Board when future opening occur, please contact City Hall at 706-629-0151.

Land of the Cherokee