Public Notice from the City of Calhoun

There seems to be a lot of confusion and misinformation concerning the future of the City of Calhoun’s recycling program.  For several years, Calhoun City Schools has been very gracious in allowing the recycling center to operate in the school system’s building on Pine Street. We appreciate their support with the City’s recycling initiative.

Calhoun City Schools’ Board of Education and administrators are willing to allow the partnership to continue with the warehouse but, after much analysis and discussion by the City of Calhoun, it has been determined that it would not be financially prudent for the City of Calhoun to continue the recycling operations in the Pine Street building.  The City plans to temporarily suspend the baling of cardboard, but will take steps to increase cardboard drop-off containers throughout the City. It is important for the public to know that the City intends to continue to recycle all materials that it is currently processing at the Pine Street drop-off center.  The only change to operations will be that the city will ship all materials to a larger industrial recycling center that can process the material in a more cost effective manner.

To be clear, the City of Calhoun will continue, and in many ways, increase the recycling efforts but moving forward, the actual processing will be adjusted in order to decrease the overall cost to the taxpayers of the City of Calhoun.