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City Project # 267
Project Type Gravity Sewer Extension
Estimated Cost  
Description The Bid will be for the material, labor and equipment to install new sewer pipeline within the City of Calhoun / Gordon County. The work will include approximately 4,400 L.F of 24” gravity sewer, 4,800 L.F. of 12” gravity sewer, 28 new sewer manholes, 80 L.F. of Jack & Bore, all connections, fittings and appurtenances as specified or indicated on the Drawings, including but not limited to grading, trenching, backfilling, testing, property restoration, erosion control and grassing. The completed Contractor prequalification submittal must be returned to the Utility Engineering office for evaluation no later than Friday April 26, 2019.
Bid Opening Date 05/09/2019
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